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The art of slicing cheese

In the cut of cheese you can define "a gourmet knowhow". It is important for many reasons.
The first is about presentation that contributes to the beauty of table or a cheese board; the second is about preserving the remains that tend to oxidate more or less raoidly according to
the cutting line; finally because according to that line in finecheese the savoury nuances spread all together.

With a minimum of knowledge and a little skill you can reach that art.

Round Cheese - According to its dimension and texture one cuts them the following ways

Small cheese: in small rings of medium thiskness
Low cheese: in medium dimension triangles
Large and wide cheese: in rings that are reduced to triangles.

About other shapes less common that the round cheese we register the two most common shapes: square and pyramidal.

Square and rectangular cheese - They´re sliced with a triangular incision, of which we take the portion to eat and putting the remain back in the open part avoiding this way not only the cheese to undo but also the oxidation.

Pyramidal shape - One sices them in various dimensions, according to its size but always in the same direction.

Cheese maintenance

Environment Temperature - You wrap the cheese individually in aluminium sheets o cover them with a cloth drenched with white wine to avoid drying. Then you put them in a fresh dry and ventilated place but safe from draught.

In the refrigerator - You wrap the cheese one by one first in a clin film then in aluminium sheet avoiding air.

Then you put them in the middle shelf where the temperature is about 3 or 8 centigrade degrees. If you want to freeze them just put it directly in the freezer increesing the temperature during the two first hours.

Defrosting - The defrosting process as any other food, must be slow to avoid changes in the product especially in this case where a dispersion of the paste would have disastrous consequences in the flavour and smell of cheese.

So, you take the cheese from the freezer, at least twenty four hours before being served and put it in the lower shelf of the refrigerator. Where the temperature is about ten centigrade degrees. Two hours before going to the table, take it from the refrigerator and cover it with a cloth drenched in white wine and put it in a well ventilated place.

What wine to drink with cheese

A good stat is to have a wine of the same region, if possible.

For a less flavoured cheese: a soft red wine not too strong.

For a spicy or very flavoured cheese: red wine more strong.

Cheese Board

Must have several kinds of cheese, chosen according to the season or taste and attended with little butter nuts, cummin, a pepper mill and dishes with slices of white bread, dark bread and rye bread. Cheese must be presented without any covering or package and on a bed of vineyard leaves.


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